About Bright Africa

Bright Africa was first launched in 2013 and is RisCura's research resource that seeks to answer investors' questions by providing insight into the continent.


With our diverse client base and strong African roots, RisCura has a well-placed view on investment in Africa. Bright Africa is our research resource that seeks to answer key investor questions by providing insight into the drivers, enablers and managers of investment on the continent. The report includes in-depth updates on:

What do investors want to know about Africa?

Africa’s investors have become markedly more sophisticated in recent years. Investors looking at Africa today want to understand this exciting continent in more detail. More importantly, Africa’s investors want to know the most effective ways to harness the continent’s growth.

They understand that the continent is one of the world’s fastest-growing and most rapidly changing regions, and they need to look past the headline GDP numbers to understand what is really happening in Africa. Investors also understand that Africa is rapidly adopting technology, is increasingly connected, and is playing catch-up to the rest of the world in terms of living standards.

How can Bright Africa help investors?

Bright Africa provides insight into the drivers, enablers and managers of investment on the continent. It explores the status of local pools of capital as a major driver of African investment, and finds that the continent’s pension fund capital is growing rapidly.

In our research the continent has been divided into nine meaningful investment regions, taking into account culture, geography, language and historic trade links. It shows key economic metrics for each of these regions, analyses the export and import makeup, and highlights Africa’s key trade partners around the globe.

Africa, from an investment perspective, is by no means a finished product. The continent is under-capitalised and undergoing rapid change. But, in a world of low growth and mature markets, its opportunities continue to outweigh its challenges. Understanding the drivers, enablers and managers of investments on the continent is a great place to start.

Who is RisCura?

In a world where prudent and impartial financial insights are rare, RisCura provides security and clarity for our clients across the landscape of investment risk and performance. These we deliver through a range of versatile investment solutions based on a deep understanding of the investment value chain – providing independent advice, analyses and reporting for asset owners, investment managers, hedge funds, private equity firms, service providers and brokers.


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