Sources of capital on the continent

Development finance institutions

Development finance is critical to meeting Africa’s needs, and a slowdown in the global economy is making it increasingly difficult for the continent to access international financial markets.

Total DFI commitments

As at 2018, total DFI commitments to Africa amounted to USD 80bn. The most significant DFI in terms of commitments to Africa is the AfDB with total commitments of USD 34.1bn. Next is the IFC (USD 21.0bn), EIB (USD 8.6bn), CDC (USD 4.6bn). The DEG, FMO and Proparco also have material commitments of USD 2.0bn, USD 1.5bn and USD 1.1bn, respectively. These top eight DFIs make up 97.58% of total DFI commitments in our data set.